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Atak Fuel Improver

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The Algae Assassin Rehab4 ATAK fuel algaecide, biocide and preventative.


In on-and off-road diesel tanks, water contamination gives rises to organic growth. This ‘diesel weed’ or ‘diesel bug’ needs water to grow effectively: if you have one problem, you have the other. Bacteria and algae cling to the side of tanks as levels go up and down, coating tank walls with contaminants.

The black sludge that results is dead biological matter that clogs filters and causes havoc. Any fuel tank can be affected, as condensation forms on a continual basis and diesel fuel contains some water that drops out during cold spells.


  • Kills and controls biological growth in in fuel storage tanks
  • Reduces and eliminates slime and fuel filter blocking
  • Reduces corrosion in the whole system
  • Works fast: one to two days for a complete kill


Dilute at 1 part ATAK to 5000 parts fuel for a kill dose, or 50,000 parts fuel for a maintenance dose.

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