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Flameguard Kitchen Fuel Improver

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A synthetic fuel enhancer formulated to improve the combustion and cleanliness of heating oil in oil cookers and boilers, or where vaporising burners are in use.


Domestic kerosene has an upper limit char value of 20mg/kg. But our experience is that fuel quality is wildly variable, with some suppliers providing fuel that has a char value anywhere in the range of 15- 28mg/kg. Lubrication values also vary dramatically. This results in poor lighting, poor heat values, carbon contamination, and an overall drop in efficiency.

Rehab4 Flameguard cleans up combustion, improving heat outputs and efficiency of the whole system.


  • Lowers carbon build up
  • Reduces carbon in the burner
  • Reduces service problems
  • Preserves fuel quality
  • Helps prevent fuel ageing

Dilute at 1 part Rehab4 Flameguard to 6000 parts kerosene. Simply add to the tank before filling with fuel.

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