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Mannol Multifarm STOU 10W-30 208 Litres

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A genuinely universal engine-transmission all-season semi-synthetic (HC-synthese) engine oil for modern diesel-powered engines of agricultural equipment with and without a turbocharger operating under harsh conditions as well as for manual transmissions, “wet”-type brake systems and even hydraulic systems of tractors. It was developed specially for solving particular agricultural equipment issues, ensuring the protection of the technical equipment and receiving the maximum return regardless of its operating conditions. It belongs to the STOU (Super Tractor Oil Universal) class.
The use of agricultural equipment is characterised by a high dependency of the operation mode and weather conditions, the possibility of a round-the-clock operation, the remoteness from service centres, a wide range of additional attachments and, most commonly, a poor technical competence of the personnel. The use of MANNOL Multifarm STOU 10W-30 eliminates the risk of the equipment issues related to the oil use confusion, when the markings on the containers become illegible due to weather conditions when stored outdoors. The oil use facilitates accounting and storage. In the field, it is enough to take one canister and resolve the issue of adding oil into any piece of equipment in any situation.

Product properties:
- Innovative additives combined with a semi-synthetic base of the highest quality with a high viscosity index ensure excellent antifriction, antiwear and anti-scuffing properties that significantly extend the expected life of the equipment in all, even most extreme, operation modes in a wide range of ambient temperatures and ensure the fuel conservation;
- Synthetic components combined with natural antioxidants give the oil an enhanced thermo-oxidising stability that, when combined with excellent cleaning-dispersing properties (TBN >10) efficiently reduce the formation of carbon deposits and lacquer, prevent the formation of deposits of all types and maintain engine and transmission parts exceptionally clean throughout the entire time between replacements;
- A unique HC-containing formula ensures the resistance of the oil to oxidation and ageing, and, due to a reduced evaporating ability and an increased flash point, the oil consumption through burning is reduced;
- Due to the HC-containing optimal-viscosity base, it has excellent low-temperature properties, including a low freezing point that would ensure an excellent oil pumping quality and the cranking ability of engine and transmission subsystems at low temperatures, an easy “cold start” (up to -30 °C) and the reduction of the startup wear;
- It effectively protects from engine and transmission parts from all types of corrosion and the seal assembly from acid corrosion;
- It has a reduced foam formation ability;


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