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Mannol Traktor Superior 15 W 40 20Litres

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An all-season economy-class mineral engine oil for modern high-load and high-speed 4-stroke diesel-powered engines of tractors with and without a turbocharger operating under harsh conditions. It was developed specially for ensuring the protection of the agricultural equipment and receiving the maximum return regardless of its operating conditions.

Product properties:
- Modern additives combined with a highest-class mineral base ensure good antifriction and antiwear properties that significantly extend the expected life of the equipment in comparison with oil analogues in all, even the most extreme, operation modes and simultaneously ensure fuel conservation;
- In contrast with analogues, it has an enhanced thermo-oxidising stability that, when combined with excellent cleaning-dispersing properties, efficiently reduces the formation of carbon deposits and lacquer, prevent the formation of deposits of all types and maintain engine parts clean throughout the entire time between replacements;
- A unique formula ensures the ageing resistance of the oil;
- It has good low-temperature properties, including a sufficiently low freezing point that would ensure a good oil pumping quality and the cranking ability of engine subsystems at low temperatures, an easy “cold start” and the reduction of the startup wear;
- It effectively protects engine parts against all types of corrosion;
- It may be used when operating on fuel with an increased sulphur content.

It is designed for all types of high-load diesel-powered engines of agricultural.

It may be used in petrol-powered engines with the required level of operating properties API SG or lower.

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